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Altai Insulated Suit



Beringia’s signature lightweight insulated one-piece suit, with Primaloft Gold and 12d Nylon for cold weather outdoor activity. 

The Altai Suit is for connoisseurs of cold. You’re a backcountry skier, climber, sled head, ANWAR pilot. Or maybe you’re into ice fishing without a warming hut. 

In 30 degree to -30 degree conditions, wear Altai Suit as insulation to trap air and maintain core body temperature, raising overall body comfort on the coldest days.

Designed to pair beautifully with our St. Elias shell system, the leg zippers align with the leg vents to dump heat when needed. Ideal for touring, multi-day alpinism, extended work weeks in Northern latitudes.

  • Knee length pant
  • Waist zip 
  • Double ended chest zipper
  • Ultralight 12d Nylon outer
  • 2Fast drying Primaloft Gold PCR insulation - 55% Post-Consumer Recycled
  • 2 Thigh Vent Zips
  • Mesh inner pocket 

Beringia’s ALTAI SERIES of ultra lightweight technical insulation celebrates the mountainous region between Mongolia and Kazakhstan where skiing originated 10 millennia ago, and where cold-climate skiing is still a functional part of everyday life. Follow our travels to the Altai region on IG


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