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Men's Diomede Merino Wool Snorkel Hoody


Gray Heather

DIOMEDE SNORKEL HOODY ratchets up the Diomede L/S Crew to a higher level of intensity in winter work and life. The 2:1 stretch ratio and ultra comfort of the fabric allow us to fully-integrate a full-face balaclava that can be pulled on instantly for wind and deep powder protection, the highly compressible fabric allows the hood to disappear unnoticed when not in use.

DIOMEDE is our proprietary fabric that seamlessly knits multiple layers of fabric into one ultra-stretchy waffle. The collection underwent 2 years of testing and design refinement in the wettest and snowiest conditions in the Japanese Alps before release.

Designed for high performance and a broad comfort range, the waffle fabric creates a lofty air-trapping cushion. Made to be worn against-the-skin, we use a patented collagen finish (instead of chlorine), machine washable. 

Product Details:

  • Incredibly light
  • Air trapping and lofty
  • Softest hand – Collagen finish
  • Machine washable 
  • 89% Merino Wool
  • Made in Japan by the Masters of Bishu
  • Size medium weighs 240g / 8.5oz

Note: The Diomede fabric is named after the Diomede Islands that are balanced between worlds, tempting you to cross the borderlands into the next dimension. AToE.

Beringia x Vanish 

When we wanted to explore the dyeing possibilities at the Mo/B atelier in Bishu, we partnered with our friends at VANISH, a NYC design and media company to develop the first print design of the Beringia collection. Portland artist Ben Hucke takes realistic portraits and designs and creates abstract textures with amazing results, this limited edition Camo fabric is the first release.

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