The Beringia Aleutian Trunk

“Beringia” and “Aleutian” aren’t terms you’d normally associate with warm weather, shorts, and swimming, or surfing in trunks. Yet, here we are, wearing the Beringia Aleutian Shorts every dang day now the mercury has poked its head above the 70-degree mark regularly in Northern California.

What’s so special about these shorts? Really just the cut and the quality. They’re made from Cordura polyester with some stretch built in so they move well, but thanks to the tough as nails Cordura, they’re far more abrasion resistant than your run of the mill surf trunks. They have a key loop in the pocket, some mesh-lined pockets, and that’s about it. Simple.

We wear these puppies hiking, lounging, swimming in lakes, pools, the ocean, and, yes, have surfed in them. Patagonia has made some pretty solid shorts that can handle all of that, but the cut isn’t as athletic as what you get with these Beringias. We’re surprised too to see a brand more about cold-weather gear than summertime gear nail a pair of do-anything water shorts like this, but they did indeed, nail it.