3-year joint development at the Toray Technical Development Center in Osaka, Japan.

Täsmä, a precision-response fabric.

Created for the fast-moving climates of northern latitudes around the globe, from Mt. Fuji to Mt. Foraker. Toray's new electrospinning technology allows TÄSMÄ's inner membrane variably to adjust to ambient weather conditions, assuring the perfect combination of protection, breathability and comfort, especially during activities that require unpredictable alternation between periods of high performance and repose, such as skiing and climbing. 

perfect combination of protection, breathability and comfort

Täsmä Fabric Technology

The flagship of our outerwear system has a new fabric technology - Täsmä ('precision'). 

Täsmä is the end result of a three-year joint development
with the world’s leading advanced material engineers at the Toray Technical Development Center in Osaka, Japan. 

Täsmä has achieved the highest specifications of any technical outerwear fabric and will noticeably improve your mountain experience by keeping you dryer and warmer while reducing the weight of the garment. Maximum mobility is enabled by increased stretch and new patterning for FoM (Freedom of Movement). 

Pairing the St. Elias Jacket with the St. Elias Bib creates a total integrated system for those with serious mountain ambitions.

TECH SPECS | Täsmä Fabric

Air Permability

JIS L1096 A          0.2cc /cm2.sec


JIS L1092B       15,000g/m.24h


JIS L1099 A-1      29,000g/m2.24h

"Beringia's St. Elias kit stands out because of it's Tasma Fabric, which is one of the more breathable and comfortable waterproof/ breathable laminates we have used."

- Blister Review



The Mission: How to improve safety in the backcountry, save
lives from hypothermia and keep wearers dry in the moisture-heavy conditions of the Japan Alps.

The Solution: Increase breathability in shell fabrics,
keeping wearers dryer and preventing chills. Reduce the risk of hypothermia in cold and wet conditions while maintaining total waterproofness, adding stretch, and increasing durability!  

The Method: Tasma's new, patented electro-spinning (ESP)
technique creates a membrane with innumerable fine holes (smaller than water molecules) to release humidity inside the garment while blocking outside air by 99.9%. The permissible 0.1% air inflow is a value that human senses cannot detect.

ESP is made by depositing micro-unit polyurethane fibers in
sheet form, with multiple layers of micro-mesh on top of one other to block moisture and enable ventilation. The cornerstone of the next-generation "Täsmä", it is extremely waterproof and breathable while retaining the comfort of a soft feel.