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SUMMER (in Beringia)

You played it safe and stayed indoors (like the good doctor said). Now it’s time to break free & find those secret spots that have been calling.

New Arrivals

Beringia brings Global Mountain Expertise to its summer line-up of ultralight technical wear.

MOUNTAIN RUN by Beringia

Our limited edition collection of technical gossamer-weight jackets and pants lets you fly through variable weather conditions with Zen-like focus.

Mo/B Merino Tee

Featuring AXIO, our exclusive premium, natural-technical Japanese fabric designed for your seasonal descent from mountain towns and pinnacles to zero-elevation beaches, canyons, deserts and grassy turf. And for the long hike back up.

In the northernmost reaches of the Arctic a thousand-mile land connects Asia and America.

This lost world knows no separation: Fire & Ice / Earth & Sky / Day & Night / Past & Future become one under the sun’s unrelenting cycle.

Division was unknown in this vanished land joining East and West, marked only by the
migratory movements of close-knit Communities, crafting the future.


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