For those of you who haven’t heard of Beringia, it’s a Montana-based gear company that combines Japanese design with American craftsmanship.


The company makes high-end, tech-forward gear that’s made to handle a variety of harsh elements. Its winter gear is particularly stellar, combining innovative and technical fabrics with contemporary, streamlined designs. The Montana standout has made moves in the space yet again with the debut of its newest line of outerwear, the Täsmä Shell System.

After three years of painstaking research and development, Beringia invented Täsmä, a precision-response fabric that leverages electrospinning technology. This patented technique yields a membrane with microscopic holes smaller than water molecules that release moisture inside the garment while blocking outside elements by as much as 99.9%. Simply put, they created the ultimate moisture-wicking, breathable fabric that’s lightweight, durable, and grants its wearer complete freedom of movement. The company boasts Täsmä as having “the highest specifications of any technical outerwear fabric.”

The Täsmä Ski Shell System itself includes four garments: the Tsurugi Jacket 2.0, the St. Elias Jacket 2.0, the St. Elias Bib 2.0, and the Free Tour Pant. Exemplifying the beauty and minimalism of Japanese design, the Tsurugi Jacket features a streamlined silhouette, an asymmetrical zipper, and is light enough to where you can wear it all season. Its heavier counterpart, the St. Elias Jacket, has four pockets, interior pouches for gear, and asymmetrical cuffs that perfectly wrap around mittens or gloves. The St. Elias Bib also boasts year-round functionality, articulated knees for mobility, and easily accessible pockets. Lastly, the Free Tour Pant offers similar protection and mobility as the St. Elias bib, though it has a tighter, more tactical fit.

On their own, these pieces are phenomenal, but together, they create an integrated ski system that can outfit you for practically any conditions. The Tsurugi and St. Elias jackets come in four different colors while the St. Elias Bib comes in Olive, Gun Metal, and Avocado Green. Beringia’s Täsmä Shell System is available for limited production starting at $400.