• 70 Liter compressible tote-to-duffle bag
• Adjustable webbing for hand or shoulder carry
• Snap closure - fast and secure
• Folds flat
• Made from recycled polyester fabric
• Swiss industrial design and precision detailing


The Beringia HAWL Bag was developed out of the inherent need to improve the everyday management and transport of gear.



Beringia and Swiss design house BMCO have collaborated to re-define the simple act of carrying, storing and organizing your gear. The HAWL bag is a 70L tote/duffel, constructed from a hardwearing recycled polyester with a water-repellent finish. The unique compression system and snap closure converts the bag from open-carry to total security for shoulder or hand carry. When open, the 70L tote transforms into a large storage compartment.

The reason we love it: We use the bag daily to keep our ski / bike / soccer gear etc. organized and ready to go on a moments notice.

Size: 70L > 13" high (ends) x 15 1/2" wide x 23 2/4" long Packs flat, ships in its own envelope.

Sizing Chart: Size Guide

Activity: Everyday carry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Thomas Campbell
Didn’t buy it until I bought it

I was skeptical of the price to potential use ratio, but suspended disbelief due to Beringia’s reputation and the excellent gear I have already. I was very positively surprised and this is now a great piece for everything from my primary carryon to a superior alternative to any of the innumerable totes we have in the house. Would highly recommend even at the price point, if price is no object.

Ty Guarino
Rope bag

Although the Hawk bag excels on many fronts, using it a rope bag for cragging is 10/10. I can throw my rope, draws, food and water in there for a full session at the crag.

Perfectly Practical

This bag is what I’ve been wishing I had for years. Finally my IKEA bags can step aside. I used this for my ski gear end of the season - all your stuff in one bag for transport. And now that it’s summer the bag has my bike stuff in it, ready to go anytime. The cinching with the compression straps is very effective to hold everything in. The fabric is nice the foldable, it’s not stiff like a bucket, which makes this much more packable than a big canvas tote for example.
I bought another one to a friend right away too… the sleek and thoughtful design in a simple bag makes for a great gift to anyone. I can recommend it and have used it now for a few months, it’s wearing very well and is easy to clean.


Love it! Well thought out works great as a duffel when traveling and is the perfect hauler that lives in the back of the truck the rest of the time.

Scott U.
It just works

Tired of getting your sh*t together for a day at the hill and finding that you’ve made multiple trips to your rig or your buddies car pool vehicle? The HAWL is an intelligent design that perfectly fits your pack (38L), boots and helmet, so now it’s one trip. As a small tote for weekends or as the second bag to accompany your duffel for the chopper ride to the good stuff, you can keep the mud and gunk away from your clothes. Sure the HAWL will get dirty on both sides, but the material expects that and a brush or sponge to wipe out and clean happens in seconds due to the wide open nature of the shape. Most of the time I don’t even worry about the snaps as it’s simply load, grab and go. The fabric will patina and get better with age!