Product Specific

Materials & Care

Täsmä Outerwear

Shell Care

Machine wash cold, permanent press/delicate setting. Very gentle wet cleaning to maintain fabric integrity. We recommend spot cleaning as needed for stains.

Line/hang dry in the shade (meaning, avoid direct heat). Do not tumble dry. Iron on low heat.
Close all zippers before washing.

Allied Sustainable Down

Down Care

If possible, pre-rinse products without detergent. This helps to saturate the items allowing the detergent to penetrate the fabrics more effectively and get to the down clusters to clean them thoroughly.

Wash on low temperature with mild detergent. Following wash, run an additional rinse without detergent. This will ensure that all detergent was completely rinsed out of the down and the product. Leaving residual detergent on the down may cause a reduction in fill power.

Tumble dry on low temperature until completely dry with clean tennis balls or a clean shoe.

If you think the item is dry, it is worth running one last dry cycle. Many people assume it is dry by the feel of the textile, but the down inside remains slightly damp. This may take several cycles. It is not possible to over-dry in a home laundry machine, and is always better to err on the side of dry with down insulation.

It may be obvious, but do not bleach or iron your down filled products.

We also generally recommend against dry cleaning, but if that is necessary because of certain trims on the item, it is recommended to use an eco-friendly dry cleaner who has experience with down filled products.
Please close all zippers for washing.

Diomede & Wool Air

Wool Baselayer Care

As you may know Merino Wool is naturally odor resistant due to its antimicrobrial properties. You do not need to wash your merino wool layers after each wear; give less washing a try.

Cold delicate wash (inside out), hang dry for best results. Do not machine dry. It is not just the heat, but the friction of the metal drum in a dryer that "beats up" the wool fibers.

The garment will stretch with wear as the fabric has no added lycra. It will return to its orginal shape after each wash. This behavior is called shape memory. It's another natural property of wool.

Masters of Bishu

Regenerated Wool Care

Made in Japan from regenerated wool fibers.

We recommend spot cleaning as necessary. Cold gentle hand wash (no agitation), lay flat to dry.