Enter a Hyperborean world of comfort and protection


The Bering down collection lives in the space between essential alpine gear and next-gen elevated design.

The 2023 Beringia Down collection has been upgraded with LA-based Allied Feather & Down's 850 fill HyperDRY, the highest-performing water-resistant, PFC free down insulation in the world. HyperDRY is considered the premium sustainable, hydrophobic natural down material available today that resists clumping or packing in wet conditions. Setting the highest bar for technical all-weather performance in three essential styles for Men and Women.

Favorite Jacket Of All Time

This is by far the warmest, lightest, and comfiest coat I've ever owned. It is well-designed and has held up to daily wear and tear through two seasons so far (it still looks and feels practically new), and I imagine it will continue for many seasons to come. It has become my go-to jacket every winter day in Montana.

Great & Light

This coat is great it's light and packs down small. I tested it through the rough seasons of Canada and I gotta say I'm happy. This coat is great for anything from 0°c when sitting around
and down to -15°c when active. Simply a great piece of equipment.

My New Everyday Winter Pants

What can I say? ... Hands down the best pair of winter pants I've ever owned. So warm, so light, so comfortable. They are perfect for cold and frigid temperatures, but don't overheat.

Allied Pioneered Water Resistant Down Treatments


The compound in the HyperDRY treatment works the same way as traditional DWR chemicals by building carbon-hydrogen chains on the down cluster to decrease the surface tension, which ultimately causes water to bead and roll off.

The difference is that the HyperDRY compound is completely PFC Free, meaning it is not flourinated. The flourination of previously used treatments is what gave those chemicals an extremely long half-life, making them almost impossible to break down and allowing them to wreak havoc on the waterways and ecosystem we rely on.

ALLIED worked closely with their chemical partners and were able to develop a hydrophobic treatment that could not only provide performance without fluorocarbons, but also allow us to process material more sustainably.