High Alpine Vision [winter 23/24]

High Alpine Vision speaks of deeper insight where boundaries between reality and transcendent experience converge. ⁠

Beyond aesthetics and function, our new collection seeks to attain a greater understanding within the global mountain experience of why we are here, and how.⁠



The Mission: How to improve safety in the backcountry, save
lives from hypothermia and keep wearers dry in the moisture-heavy conditions of the Japan Alps.

The Solution: Increase breathability in shell fabrics,
keeping wearers dryer and preventing chills. Reduce the risk of hypothermia in cold and wet conditions while maintaining total waterproofness, adding stretch, and increasing durability!  

The Method: Täsmä's new, patented electro-spinning (ESP)
technique creates a membrane with innumerable fine holes (smaller than water molecules) to release humidity inside the garment while blocking outside air by 99.9%. The permissible 0.1% air inflow is a value that human senses cannot detect.

ESP is made by depositing micro-unit polyurethane fibers in
sheet form, with multiple layers of micro-mesh on top of one other to block moisture and enable ventilation. The cornerstone of the next-generation "Täsmä", it is extremely waterproof and breathable while retaining the comfort of a soft feel.