Men's Diomede Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew


Men's Diomede LS Crew

DIOMEDE is our proprietary fabric that seamlessly knits multiple layers of fabric into one ultra-stretchy waffle. The collection underwent 2 years of testing and design refinement in the wettest, snowiest conditions in the Japanese Alps before release.

Designed for high performance and a broad comfort range, the waffle fabric creates a lofty air-trapping cushion. Unheard of 2:1 stretch ration. Made to be worn against-the-skin, we use a patented collagen finish (instead of chlorine), machine washable. 92% fine merino.

Note: The Diomede fabric is named after the Diomede Islands that are balanced between worlds, tempting you to cross the borderlands into the next dimension. AToE.

Size: S-XXL

Weight: Size Medium weighs 200g / 7oz.

Fit: Style is generous in length and the fabric has plenty of stretch; can accommodate many body shapes/sizes easily. If you are in between sizes, order a size down for best fit.

Sizing Chart: Size Guide

Activity: Cold weather sports / Baselayer / Skiing / Ski Touring / Backcountry Skiing / Hiking etc.



Beringia’s Masters of Bishu line features ‘Diomede’, a proprietary fabric that seamlessly knits multiple layers of fabric into one ultra-stretchy waffle. The collection underwent 2 years of testing and design refinement in the wettest, snowiest conditions in the Japanese Alps before release.

By combining different knits into one single fabric we can move excess heat and humidity into the air (active) and trap more dry air between the layers (passive). The outer waffle is resilient to the point of feeling almost spongy, providing an unheard-of 2:1 ratio of stretchable comfort, with a bold but elegant cross-hatched waffle texture.

Made with 91% Merino, Collagen finish (Chlorine Free), machine washable, this is the softest-lightest merino shirt built for high performance and a broad comfort range.



MOISTURE MANAGEMENT Wool absorbs 30% of its weight in water and keeps you warm even when wet.

NATURAL Annually renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material.

NO ODOR Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial/ doesn’t stink.

RESISTANT Naturally acid-, static-, soil-, UV- and burn-resistant.

COMFORT People feel better when surrounded by wool’s natural ionic microclimate.

STYLE Nothing looks and feels like wool.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Craig T
Great cold weather base

The structure of the fabric combined with the merino wool fiber makes for a very effective cold weather base layer. When worn under a midlayer or other tightly woven fabric, it traps warm air very effectively - much better than other merino fabrics with less structure. The open weave also facilities dumping excess heat when exerting oneself by simply removing the midlayer or opening the midlayer zipper/buttons. Worn alone, the breeze goes right through. The only downside is that the heat trapping structure is susceptible to snags - be careful wearing without an additional layer. I am 6'2" with 41 inch chest and 32 inch waist and the medium is a good fit for a baselayer. The fabric is stretchy and does not feel overly restrictive. Soft and not a hint of itch.

Craig Dansby
Beautiful Baselayer

Soft and comfortable and super warm. More expensive than my other base layers, but you get what you pay for.

Love the hoodie - now in Long Sleeve Tee

I loved my hoodie and now I m stoked to have the Long Sleeve without a hood as an option for warmer days.
The fabric is light enough for year-round in the mountains, but sometimes I have too many hoods and bulk around my neck. I love having two great merino tops to switch off depending on the temps.
The softest and stretchiest merino I have tried.. Great work Beringia.

Certainly not a market leader

I love base shirts and have a ton (many from Icebreaker, Smartwool, Patagonia). I had high hopes for this one as well, given the comments and look. The shirt does look nice and fits well, but has many issues: 1. It shrinks easily. I have a brand new washer/dryer and the dryer has a moisture sensor and stops just before garments are dry. This shirt unfortunately shrunk a LOT after one dry. Now, it's barely useable as a base layer because of how much it shrunk, and certainly can't be worn in public. 2. Not as warm as any of my other base layers (I spend a lot of time in the Michigan winters fat biking, running and hiking with my pups. Turned out not to be a "go-to" option for warmth. 3. Snags: the outer waffle fabric snags easily. This is a bummer, because it IS a nice looking garment, that, if it hadn't shrunk would look nice as an everyday shirt.
Given all the above, and the price (which is very high relative to competitors), it's hard to rate it very high.

Hi Brad,
Thank you for sharing your experience with the Diomede LS Crew - I’m sorry you are not happy with it, and we do appreciate all the feedback.
We’d be happy to exchange it for you, if you’d be interested in that.
The Diomede fabric is not treated with chlorine, but with a more natural protein finish (super wash - which is a chlorine bath used industry wide to shrink resist wool fiber before further processing it, is quite toxic, although the industry does try and handle the waste water as well as possible). Due to the more natural finishing process, we never recommend washing the Diomede in anything but cold water on a delicate cycle, and always hang dry.
I’ve personally had success tumble drying it on occasion, but if there is heat applied in a metal drum to the wool fiber - it can felt, that is the nature of wool when subjected to friction, moisture and heat - when the fiber is in a more natural state (Diomede vs. super washed wool fabrics such as smart wool and icebreaker etc), it is important to care for it accordingly.

We understand this is not always the easiest way to care for the garment, but believe in the more natural processing alternative that we use and in many ways it does enhance the feel and the performance of the fabric (warmth due to a loftier fiber and knit, end result) of the fabric.

The Best!

Warm, but not hot. Comfortable with a great fit. Feels great on the skin. Lightweight, and great for layering.