Kuksa coffee cups are hard to find outside northern Scandinavia, mostly because the birch-burl root of the trees are not harvested commercially, nor are the hand carved cups mass produced by the skilled carvers. Traditionally given as a gift, a beautiful Kuksa can last a lifetime. The experience of drinking from a cup that used to be a tree is an experience that can't be explained until you actually try it.

Everyone of our Kuksa’s are a piece of art and handmade in Finland. Kuksas can endure extreme temperature changes (great for outdoorsmen) and will not crack with boiling water, even if the air temp is below zero. A Kuksa is perfect for drinking very hot coffee, tea (or whiskey). The Kuksa doesn’t conduct heat and will keep your beverage hot (or cold) longer than ceramics.

Traditionally a Kuksa is passed on through generations, does double duty in summer for collecting berries in the forest, or sipping a whiskey outside on a cold winter night under a fire and the Aurora Borealis.

100% made in Finland of Birch Burl

Size: One Size

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