Is nature the antidote to tech-overload?  


It has been proven (Environmental Health & Preventative Medicine) that time spent in the natural world is beneficial to human health. It can be as simple as a walk in the park or a multi-day backcountry tour, spending time immersed in nature is a transcendent connection to the surroundings and human senses. For millennia our bodies have taken in the exhalations of the forests, the rich mix of oxygen and other aerosols can benefit our moods, lower blood pressure and strengthen our immune systems and make us a helluva lot happier. While the benefits are many and complex, the basic practice is simple: engage all five senses and spend some time connecting with the natural world.

Beringia builds products that help you experience, get closer to, and deeper into nature.

Production and Camera: Myles Cameron

Skiers: Joe Cleary