Recommended Product | ST. Elias

Blister Review - 2023 Buyer's Guide

Beringia's St. Elias kit stands out because of it's Tasma Fabric, which is one of the more breathable and comfortable waterproof/ breathable laminates we have used. This air-permeable fabric has still done a good job of keeping out moisture and wind all season, but it doesn't leave you sweating as much as non-air-permeable alternatives.

It's also really supple and comfy, and that, combined with the kit's fairly roomy but not super baggy fit, makes St. Elias one of our favorites for human-powered skiing. It's substantial enough to also work quite well as a resort option, though those prone to slicing the cuffs of their pants with their ski edges should note that the St. Elias cuff reinforcements are quite short/ minimal. That aside, this is an excellent option for folks who prioritize breathability and comfort in their waterproof shell kit.